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FAQs Horse sessions

What happens in a session with my horse? 

A full history of your horse is taken, followed by static and dynamic assessments before the session begins. The actual session may last between 45 – 60 minutes. It is a very meditative process, and I often work in silence, so that things can settle, and I am able to sense more subtle movements.

Horses have an inherent deep inner stillness, which is their resource for rest, renewal, and healing. My role as a practitioner is to hold space for this to be allowed to be accessed.


Any restrictions are noted and may be addressed. However, sometimes the issue that you may have called me out for may not be the one that resolves in the initial session, there may be something else, that comes up to be addressed, which then leads to another restriction being able to resolve. Again, the Intelligence in the body knows best.

There may be situations where your horse needs to move around during the session, which is fine. I encourage this, as the horse must know that he or she has the freedom and option to move. Sometimes it may take a session or two before he or she is able to fully settle and access deeper stillness. The horse may sense things moving deeper within his or her system or may experience heat, cold or tingling sensations as restricted fluid, fascia, and tissue fields begin to shift. Again, this is normal.

In other situations, the horse may seem to drop into a deeper level of consciousness or even rest. Small and subtle “releases” may be observed; eyes blinking, breathing changing, jaw, poll, and neck moving. Weight shifting in the hind and forelimbs may also occur.

How long before I can work my horse after a session? 

I recommend a minimum of 24 hours off, but preferably 48 hours.

Why when it seems so subtle? 

Because this therapy works on a deep, deep level, and things are still changing after the session has been completed, in fact sometimes other things may have just only begun. So, it is best if the horse can be turned back out into his or her paddock to rest, have a drink, sleep or walk around.

What may I expect to have changed in my horse following a session? 

Well, it depends on many factors….

If there is a primary issue that may have a long and chronic history, then we may not see changes with this until a 3rd or 4th session, as it has been there for a while and may take time to resolve.


However, other things may have changed. The horse may seem softer, calmer, and more integrated with his herd or paddock mate(s). He or she may stand in a more balanced posture. If he or she had a dry coat, this may have improved.

If he or she was sensitive around the poll (occipital – atlanto axis) this may have softened and bridling or grooming there may be easier. There are many small and subtle changes that can happen.


Sometimes there is a huge change in just the first session, which is wonderful. But often, the changes may happen over 2, 3 or 4 sessions. It really is on a case-by-case basis.


I will also work with the owner, with you – this is important. As it is you who is their primary carer, and it is you who have called me to see your horse.

What does that mean? 

For example, if your horse is anxious, then I will give you things that you can do to help him or her. If he or she is new to you, and has had many owners prior to you, I can offer some suggestions to help you both develop your connection and future partnership together. Perhaps you may also be interested in receiving a Craniosacral Session in which case I often see the horse first and then yourself afterwards.

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