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FAQs Human sessions

What happens in a session? 

I will take a brief history before hands-on time on the table. You remain fully clothed and lie on your back on the table.
Again, it is a mostly non-verbal session as we begin to settle. However, I will check in with you and let you know when I am moving my contact to another area.

What may I expect to feel in a session? 

Experiences felt in a session will vary from person to person. Some report feeling heavier and more embodied on the table as the session unfolds, others may feel areas of their body relax or twitch as stress and tension begin to discharge. You may feel tingling, heat or cold sensations, and I will check in with you as we go along.

You may also feel sleepy and enter a semi-conscious state, which can occur as the body begins to shift and orient to the deeper forces of Health within, there may be a stillness that comes over you and in the room, as repair and restoration occur.

What should I do after my session? 

When the session has ended, I recommend that you take it easy for a few moments, as it can sometimes feel like emerging from a deeper state of rest and being than we can be accustomed to due to our busy lives.

I recommend that you stay hydrated and will have a glass of water available. You may feel a bit tired and need to rest a little while after the session, and it is best to just stop what you are doing and rest, even if it’s for 20 minutes, as you will feel more refreshed afterwards.

Often we are holding more tension and exhaustion than we realise, and these sessions orient your body to the deeper states, which are more resilient and resourceful – however, in doing so, the initial feeling can be that you feel quite tired and need to allow your body to reintegrate. This will feel like a very subtle therapy, but the effects are deep, and because of this, the unfolding process of shifts and changes, physically, emotionally, and psychologically can often be felt days and weeks afterwards.

How many sessions will I need? 

This can vary from person to person – but I always recommend that you book in 3-5 sessions and then we go from there, as we may be working with deeply held patterns of experience (physical and emotional) so to get started with one and then leave it is like opening a door to a deeper healing process but not opening it fully. For changes to integrate and to hold, then following your initial session up can be very beneficial.

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